Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Speed Sitting

Darcy carried a fidgeting little Rafael into the conference room, with a scowl on his face.

“Welcome to Speed Sitting, Sir,” A woman greeted him with a smile. “What’s your name?”

He looked around at the packed room full of women. Hesitated, he wanted to bolt for the door again. But Rafael let out a blue murder scream that pierced through Darcy’s ears. He stopped and calmed the baby, in vain.

“Let me, Mr…” The receptionist held out her hands.

Darcy wouldn’t handover Rafael to anybody but the little devil decided that himself. He leaned over and reached for the woman with tears in his eyes. Not a minute after he settled in the arms of the young woman, the tantrum stopped and Rafael rested his head on the woman’s chest. Darcy’s eyes gazed at the woman and baby.

‘So you like her bouncy breasts than my six-packed?’
He thought as his frown increased ten folds. Rafael grinned. ‘Little devil!’

“Sir, what is your name?” The woman asked again. “are you booked for this session?”

“Darcy. I’m here to see Elizabeth Bennet.”

“I’m Elizabeth. Welcome. Darcy? Yes, here you are.”

Darcy stared at her at the same time, from head to toe. “Should we go?”

“Go?” Elizabeth repeated. “where?”

“To Vegas.”

Well, I leave the ending of this quickie for you. Comment here.

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