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Mistaken Identity Part 2 - NB, NC-17

“Lydia! But she’s my youngest sister.” Elizabeth exclaimed in surprise.

“I saw the photos. You were moaning with ecstasy with Richard, whatever your name.”

“You’ve my bag, just look at my driving licence. I’m Elizabeth Bennet, not Lydia.”

Darcy wanted to salute to her acting skill. Did she anticipate that he wouldn’t pay the ransom so easily? Did she in fact want to land onto a larger fish like himself? Well she fared excellently so far, for he was hooked. He didn’t even mind she had slept with Richard before. If she was willing to warm his bed until he got his fill of her delectable body, he would reward her handsomely.

Another voice in his mind told himself he was crazy. He had never had to pay for sex before. True, some of the models and starlets he dated in his younger years were after his money and flame. But he had outgrown that phase. He was more selective in his choice of women now. Perhaps that was the problem. He hadn’t got laid for many months and the spirit of this woman sparked his interest. Not just that. His whole body seemed to be on fire for the not-so-fortunate kiss that lasted less than a few seconds earlier. Her lips were lush and her mouth tasted of bitter dark chocolate. The blaze in her eyes promised a heavenly response when he got her voluptuous body under his hard muscles. He intended to fuck her to oblivion, to make her forget all the men she had before.

Giving her a sarcastic look, he picked up her bag. Not a designer one. He raised his eyebrow and started searching.

A book? Did she have to be so obvious, to pretend to be a librarian? The Importance of Being Earnest? Perhaps she was learning about how to manage her multiple identities from Earnest.

Minimal of cosmetic.  That didn’t fit her profile. Darcy frowned and glanced at this-so-called Elizabeth for a second. She hadn’t put on a lot of makeup right now. Just a lip gloss that highlighted the sultry lips. 

The wallet, a simple dark blue leather one without any brand again. Strange. He flipped it open. Yes, Elizabeth Bennet, aged 23, auburn hair and dark brown eyes, perhaps 159 in height. Wait! The woman in the ransom photos couldn’t be that short.

“How tall is your sister?” Darcy almost sighed with relief as he asked. She was not the whore who slept with Richard.

“Lydia is about 179,” the tension in Elizabeth’s face seemed to drop. “Now you believe I’ve nothing to do with your cousin’s disappearance.”

He pondered for a minute. “Not so fast, you can be the mastermind!”

“Your wealth doesn’t seem to have improved your mind,” she retorted. “Why would I send you photos of myself to help you find me? If I’m really the kidnapper.”

“My mind is perfectly sound. You could have faked the driving licence.”

“Show me the photos then and I can tell you how they were photo-shopped.”

“No matter if you’re involved or not, Miss Elizabeth, if that’s really your name, it’s better for me to have you,” Darcy said slowly, his eyes scanning her body. “with me, until this is resolved.”

“You can’t kidnap me in order to find your kidnapped cousin!” She exclaimed, her face turned bright red and her chest shoved up and down, following her indignation. Darcy almost forgot about the problem of Richard. He wanted to be the one to make her scream and her body pulse. But the car stopped right at this moment.

He bent forward, fast, like a panther, disarmed her, got out of the car and picked her up over his shoulders, in one move.

Elizabeth’s heart skipped. How could he not believe her? What did Lydia do this time? She could feel this angry Mr. Darcy’s hands on her butt, restricting her kicks. She tried to scratch his back but he was wearing a thick tuxedo. There were two men standing by the limo but they didn’t come to her aid, no matter how she yelled. She could see that they were inside a garage, then an elevator. It seemed to be a private building for they didn’t encounter anyone until Mr. Darcy went past a spacious sitting room and into a masculine bedroom. He threw her onto the bed.

Before Elizabeth caught her bearing and ran for the door, he threw some photos to her. She stopped dead as she caught a glimpse of the images. Every one of them was scandalous. The face was in fact hers. But the body, in different pornographic poses, entertaining this Richard, wasn’t hers.

She drew in a deep breath. “Apparently you figured out that this woman is taller than I.”

Darcy stood blocking the door and nodded. “She’s your sister, Lydia?”

She nodded and pointed out one of the photos to him. “She has a diamond tattoo on her right butt cheek…”

“Which you don’t have?” He raised his browse and then added, with a curl on his mouth. “Take off your skirt and let me have a look.”

Her eyes flashed with dangerous light. “Give me my phone. I’ll track down Lydia for you.”

“So effortless?” He still didn’t believe her.

“I told you already, Mr. Darcy,” she rolled her eyes with exasperation, “Lydia wouldn’t send you photos that can identify her or me so easily. The person who sent you the ransom note is a dumb wit.”

He titled his head to the phone by the bed. “Use that phone. It’ll record all the conversation.”

She tried her eldest sister Jane, then several of Lydia’s friends before she found her youngest sister.

“Where the hell are you?” Elizabeth yelled over the phone as there was loud music blasting from the end of the other line.

“How about a ‘I miss you, my dear Lydia’ before shouting at me?”

“I’ve no time for chit chat, Lydia! There’s a mad man named Darcy here who thought I’ve kidnapped your boyfriend Richard.”

Lydia burst out laughing. “Rich, do you know a dickhead called Darcy? He thought you’re kidnapped by Lizzy. How droll!” Her piercing laughter was echoed by several women’s chuckles. But the happy cheers were interrupted by a loud scream of pain by a man.

“Darcy, help!”

“It’s Richard,” Darcy dashed to sit near Elizabeth and lowered his head to speak to the phone. “Are you harmed? Is this Lydia hurting you? I’ll send my body guards and call the police in. Where are you?”

“Knebworth House…” Another man replied hurriedly but his revelation was cut short by Lydia’s voice.

“Poosh, you stopped right there Dickhead Darby. Rich is enjoying it. Isn’t he?” Lydia asked someone.

“Definitely!” One woman said. “Immensely.” “He asked for it.”

“How come…” Elizabeth’s murmur was covered by another loud screeching sound of Richard. “No!”

“Who’s with you, Richard?” Darcy sounded anxious. His face knotted tight.

“Darcy, call in your body guards! The ransom note was just a joke.” The other man howled in pain.

“I’m dying! You must rescue us. The women are crazy…” the wail in anguish continued. “…they tie us up…”

“Wickham!” Darcy and Elizabeth exclaimed in unison.

“Yes, Wicky is with us too,” Lydia giggled with the other women.

“Is that Aunt Phillips and Mary with you?” Elizabeth glared at Darcy but fired the question to Lydia. “What are you doing to the men? Release them. Darcy said he wouldn’t let me go unless Richard is safe.”

“Why don’t you bring your Mr. Darcy here, Lizzy?” A woman with a serious voice said. “He’ll love it. We’re having a heavy metal Christmas party at Knebworth House.”

“Mary, what are you up to? What kind of party is that? Richard and Wickham are in agony.” Elizabeth didn’t believe her.

“It’s a Brazilian waxing party,” the voice of an older woman said. “Mr. Darcy, I’m Lizzy’s aunt Mrs. Phillips. Don’t worry about your friends. They agree to the party and will look marvellous after I wax them completely. I’ve done their chest and the hair on their toes already. Next are their cute little cocks. You’re welcomed to come too. Fanny and I do a mean waxing. Aren’t we?”

“Definitely, hi Mr. Darcy. I’m Lizzy’s mom.”

Elizabeth flung herself on the bed and covered her face with her hands.

“So you sent the ransom note and racy photos?” Darcy asked.

“Me?” “Not me!” “What ransom note?” “Nude photos?” “Who are in there?” “I want to see them!”  The women asked on top of each other.

“Mr. Darcy received photos of Lydia making love with Richard but the face was doctored, with me on them.” Elizabeth explained, now with her hands covering her eyes. “They came with a ransom note for one million pounds, for the safe return of Richard.”

Whistles were heard from the other end of the phone and after some loud arguments, Lydia cursed. “Shithead!” It was then followed by sound of slapping. “You stole my love photos with Richard!”

“Yes, I did,” Wickham cried. “I’m sorry my gorgeous Lydia. Please just release me please. Urgh……”

“Why did you put my face on Lydia’s body?” Elizabeth asked.

“Yes, that’s gross,” another smacking was heard before Lydia continued, “My body is so much better than Lizzy’s. How can you degrade it by putting her face on MY body! Aunt, let me wax him.”

“Urgh…No…Please…Urgh.” Wickham’s shriek persisted.

“Lydia is waxing Wicky’s dick now, very roughly,” Mary stated with the voice of a dull clergywoman.

Amid sobs and pants, Wickham pleaded. “Please I just want revenge on Lizzy for refusing to go out with me before. I didn’t mean to tarnish your lovely body, Lydia, please, I don’t want more waxing.”

“You deserve it!” Darcy swore in a low voice before saying louder. “Richard, should I send in the body guards?”

“Too…late,” Richard’s voice was weak. “All my hair on the body is nearly gone. It hurts like hell. Lydia love, you didn’t say it will be such a torture.”

Darcy shook his head and hang up the speaker phone with force. He look at Elizabeth, who was still lying on his bed, with hands covering her eyes, breathing heavily.

He leaned down besides her and traced his knuckles along her arms.

She dropped her hands and glanced at him.

They eyes gazed at each other. The misunderstanding was gone. And the atmosphere in the bed seemed to be charged with mega kilowatt of electricity.

She raised her hand and caressed the red mark on his cheek. “I’m sorry to have hit you.”

“I’m sorry I said some really foul things to you.” He confessed shyly and held her hand to his face.

“You’re just worried about your cousin.” She smiled, licking her lips as she felt the heat from his body.

“You’ve some very,” His dimples showed. “interesting female relatives.”

“Your cousin is interesting too. Jane and I don’t live with them since I turned 15.” She panted as she saw his hand drifted lower to her waist. “We live with our father.”

“So I don’t need to worry about an invitation to a Brazilian waxing party?” He raised her hand and kissed the fingers.

“How about,” gasping, she uttered in a low voice, “a slumber party?”

He didn’t need more encouragement. His mouth drew to her sultry lips.

From the mistaken identity of a kidnapper, Elizabeth’s life was forever changed from that night onward. She became the girlfriend and then the wife of Mr. Darcy, one of the most eligible bachelors of England.

Surprised? Enough? Feedback please. Thanks Paula for the party idea. Many thanks for reading and happy Christmas!


  1. A brazilian waxing party...ouch!..ouch! serve them right.

  2. Hehe, thanks Michelle for commenting. I hope you're not too disappinted with the comic end of the story.

  3. Surprised? Yes
    Enough? No

  4. What more do you want? Lizzy waxing Darcy? Or another limo ride?

  5. Lizzy waxing Darcy? I don't think he would like it
    Or another limo ride? And THIS sound very promising :))))

  6. I'd see what I can do, A. Right now, working on Savage.


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