Thursday, September 9, 2010

The woman behind it all - Part 2

Part 2, NC-17

“They can wait,” he raised his head, stared at her disheveled hair, passion filled eyes and shoving chest, he exclaimed, “I cannot!”

Elizabeth raised her mouth and suckled his earlobe. Her hands moved to unbutton his trousers with familiarity. Once she freed his hard manhood, she slowly caressed the plush virile member.

Groaning in pleasure, he repaid her ministration by teasing her folds, until she demanded fulfillment. With her legs wrapped around his waist, he thrust into her warm core with a mighty force. His pulsing shaft shook her sensitive inner muscles, touching, stroking and brushing, intent on branding every inch of her core his.

Her cries became louder and louder, making a thrilling music to his ears. Her body lunged up and down, meeting his fierce possession thrust by thrust. Two bodies, one soul, engaged in the most pleasurable activity they learned to perfect in the past 20 years, until both reached climax.

Their sweaty bodies shivered and convulsed together, until the tremor of their love making slowed.

He picked her up from the floor and put her on the bed. He lay by her side and kissed her mouth tenderly. “I love you, my lady.”

She smiled and replied, “I love you too, my lord.”

The guests coming to celebrate a new beginning in Darcy family history were kept waiting for almost an hour. Luckily the heir to the lordship, Andrew Darcy, was used to playing host in similar situation. Together with his proud grandmother Mrs. Bennet, the young Darcy entertained guests with tales about his parents and sumptuous refreshment.

When the former Mr. and Mrs. Darcy, now Lord and Lady Peverel, finally made an appearance, the guests were in good spirit to taunt the pair.

“Darcy, have you recovered your wit after the speech at the Parliament?” Bingley said with a grin. “Has Lizzy been massaging your head this past hour?”

“Good evening to you, Bingley.” Darcy replied calmly.

“Charles, you must address him as a Lord now.” The former Miss Bingley chastised her brother.

“I heard you required the use of the chamber pots a few times during the session.” General Fitzwilliam said.

Every one burst out laughing except for Georgiana. She scowled at her cousin. “Desist, Richard!” she said. “Brother, I hope it went well with your maiden speech.”

“Richard related his own experience when he became the General. I remember he had to stop his speech twice.” Darcy teased back. He was more used to mischievous banter since he married Elizabeth. “Yes, everything went well, Georgie. I believe I have shaken the establishment with my progressive speech which Elizabeth helped me draft. Many of the lords particularly raised their eyes when I pay tribute to Elizabeth.”

“Oh, my nerves! My Lizzy helped the lordship to write his speech?” Mrs. Bennet waved her handkerchief and giggled, “I must tell all the neighbours when I return to Longbourn next week.”

“I thought you had outgrown your silliness some years ago.” Mr. Bennet said to his wife with a shake of head.

“I dare not deprive you of my nerves totally,” Mrs. Bennet said. Everyone broke out laughing. She turned to Darcy and asked, “My son, how did you say thank to my Lizzy?”

Darcy held the hand of his wife, raised it for a kiss before continuing, “There is a woman at the beginning of all great things.* I contributed my ascending to the lordship and many of the ideas I have about eliminating child labour to my lovely wife of 20 years. She made me realise the importance of being humble and having compassions for people whom I may not know. Connection, wealth and titles are meaningless if we do not possess goodness to fellow being.”

He stopped his speech and kissed Elizabeth on the mouth in front of a roomful of guests. “Elizabeth, thanks for marrying me." He whispered, "You make me a better person.”

Her eyes glittered and she replied breathlessly in a low voice as well, “Fitzwilliam, your constancy is the greatest gift of my life. I thank you too.”

The End

* by Alphonse de Lamartine

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