Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lost in Darcy Street

I got lost in Wickham Street last week and came up with writing this drabble.


“Should we go to Darcy Street club tonight?” Elizabeth said.

Jane and Charlotte agreed. But on arriving there, they were denied entry by a tall handsome bouncer.

“Our club does not grant entry to woman with inappropriate dress code,” he gazed at Elizabeth mini leather skirt.

“What kind of rule is that?” Elizabeth gritted her teeth. “I want to speak to the manager.” Jane and Charlotte moved further away from the pair. They knew that mishaps would happen when Elizabeth was angry.

“I’m more senior than the manager.” The bouncer said as he folded his arms across his chest.

“Ha, you sure look like you’re a senior citizen.” She retorted with a smile.

He frowned and continued to stare at her. “I’m the owner of the club. I’m Darcy.”

“Arrogant jerk!” Elizabeth swore. “Let’s go, Jane and Charlotte. I think the club at Wickham Street has more charm.”

Before she turned to join her friends, Darcy grabbed her arm. “Wickham is a scumbag. His club serves coke.” He lowered his head inches away from her face and said in a low voice.

His wonderful masculine scent cooled her temper slightly. She said in a sweet teasing voice, “I happen to like diet coke.”

“I mean cocaine, ice, ecstasy etc. A girl like you doesn’t want to mess with them.” Darcy’s lips relaxed on seeing her flirty expression. “How about I allow you into my club this time, if you promise me a dance?” He lowered his voice further to a caressing level.

She looked up and down at his body. “So tame?”

“You want it wild?” Darcy arched his eyes and picked her up suddenly, fireman style. She yelled. He walked through a side door and slammed it shut, ignoring the loud voices of Jane and Charlotte.

Despite Elizabeth’s continued screaming and kicking, Darcy carried her into his office and dumped her onto the sofa bed quickly. Then he started tearing off their clothes. “Am I wild enough for you, Mrs. Darcy?”

Elizabeth did not reply. She was too busy, moaning.


  1. I like the twist at the end. Fun!!


  2. Thank you M. It's good to get rid of my frustration for being lost in Wickham Street


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