Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dancing with the Stars

One of the earliest NBs (naughty bits) I wrote and featured in my latest short stories collection, My Darcy Mutates..., was inspired by the reality dance show Dancing with the Stars.

I'm not sure why I'm addicted to the show. It could be one mean judge, the complaints of the celebrities or the sexy outfits. But I've watched nearly every episode. It's good that something good came out of this addiction. Here is an excerpt from My Darcy Mutates...

The light in the studio dimmed, and the announcer said, “Dancing the rumba certainly is like making love! So let’s see if William Darcy really can make love with a stranger…in a sensual rumba.”

Standing in the centre of the darkened studio, Darcy trembled when Elizabeth wrapped her arms around his back and pressed every inch of her body to his. The music began, and she smoothed her hands down his back as she swayed her body down at the same time, leaving absolutely no space between them.

He felt like he was being electrocuted. The sensation of having her hot breasts drawing a zig-zag path from his chest to his belly, and down to his thighs was beyond words. He hoped he wouldn’t have an erection in front of millions of TV audiences. He told himself to remember the routine…but all he could remember was the previous night.

What had happened last night?

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