Sunday, June 13, 2010

What is your retirement plan?

This week drabble theme is announcement. Happy reading!

Triple Announcement - Part 1

“Thanks everyone for coming to my 55th birthday party.” Darcy said in his deep baritone voice. “I’m not good at social gathering but Elizabeth said we must do it big this year.”

He smiled to his wife and continued. “Well I’m happy it’s almost over and we can make a very important announcement.”

The floor with over 300 guests suddenly started buzzing with speculation.

“He must be tired of his ageing wife,” Caroline Bingley murmured to her sister. “Look how frumpy Eliza has become. And those breasts, dropped so low that they almost touch the ground.”

“Give me a break!” Louisa murmured back. “You’ve been saying that for the past 27 years. He won’t leave his Lizzy for you.”

Darcy continued. “I’ve decided to retire from Pemberley Group as of today. My cousin Richard Fitzwilliam will take over the rein until my son Andrew can prove himself.”

The share price of PG would surely drop, without its charismatic leader, some guests speculated.

“And my lovely wife Elizabeth and I will be touring around the world for the next two years.”

Clients and business associates finally sighed with relief. Mr. Darcy would be a phone call away while he jet-set around the world.

Triple announcement - Part 2

Well the share price of PG did drop initially after the announcement but the new chairman and Andrew Darcy worked wonder soon. And none of the people from the business world had heard from Mr. and Mrs. Darcy since, until they returned two years later and asked for a family gathering.

“Thanks everyone for coming. It’s great to see all of you after two years.” Darcy said with a grin. “I’ve another announcement to make.”

“He’s grown a beard and all tanned up. My, like a caveman.” Caroline whispered to Louisa. “See, Eliza is not with him. He must have dumped her while he jet-set around the world!”

At that moment, Elizabeth walked in with a bundle on her arm.

Darcy said proudly, “Welcome to a new addition in the family, Nick Charles Darcy was born in Cairns in Australia two months ago.”

Their four grown up sons, Andrew, Alex, Matt and Jake were stunned to be presented with a little brother.

“Well done, Father!” Jake clasped Darcy’s shoulders. His father was grinning like an idiot.

“Lizzy, I thought you said four sons are enough!” Her sister Kitty exclaimed.

“Well,” Elizabeth said. “It all began when Darcy was worried about his beer belly, after we're a year into caravan camping around the world.”

What is your retirement plan?

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