Monday, January 11, 2010

Marian Keyes battling depression

Best selling Irish author Marian Keyes has revealed she is battling "crippling depression" that has left her unable to write, read, sleep or even talk to people, Sydney Morning Herald reported.

In a January newsletter posted on her website, Keyes, 46, whose books include Watermelon and Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married, said she was attempting to recover from the illness.

Keyes, a pioneer of the "chick-lit" genre, is known for her romantic comedies centred around a strong female character, but with dark themes including drug abuse, mental illness and domestic violence.
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While I don't have a depression, I do have a writer's block with my two existing work in progress stories Finding and Fighting and Every Savage Can Reproduce.

Once work stops my writing momentum in a story, I often find it hard to start writing that story again and drift off to write others.

This is one battle I've to conquer.

Do you have some tips for me to tackle this particular problem?

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