Thursday, January 7, 2010

Flying around the world

I'm FLYING around the world, virtually, to promote Really Angelic. Do come and join me.There will be contests, guest posts, reviews or chats. I will add more dates when they are available. Really Angelic is available at lulu and Amazon USA at the moment. It will reach Amazon UK and Europe in a few weeks time.

New Jersey, 8 January 2010, Enchanted by Books

Arizona, 19 January 2010, Romance Junkies

Michigan, 20 January 2010, The Old Silly's Free Spirit

Texas, 22 January 2010, Reading with Monie

Cyberworld, 25 January 2010, Night Owl Romance

California, 5 February 2010, Paranormal Romance

Texas, 11 February 2010, Straight from Hel

Netherlands, 14 February 2010, Leontine's Book Realm

Now if I got the money and time to do that physically...

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