Saturday, November 21, 2009

Life happens

Some people can boast that they live in their cars.

In Bargain with the Devil, I have featured a number of carriage scenes as well. There were confrontation, death, deceit and even a spicy encounter. Here is an excerpt from the novel:

An ordinary carriage drove slowly down the winding road along the river. The curtains were firmly closed, concealing the identity of the vehicle’s occupants – and small wonder, for the carriage was occupied by two young gentlemen who were ardently engaged in kissing one another.

“Willie, your moustache itches!” complained the younger man wearing a hat.

“You are the one who insisted I wear a fake moustache, Elizabeth. Now you must bear with the consequences.”

“Shh! Remember to call me Eli, not Elizabeth, or you shall give me away! I am much better than you in this deception. At least I remembered to call you Willie, instead of Fitzwilliam.”

“I protest! Willie is a most indecent name. Call me Will or William.”

Small wonder. Indeed, for the two ‘gentlemen’ in question were Mr. Darcy and his new wife, the former Miss Elizabeth Bennet, in disguise.

Of course, I left out the juicy bit from the excerpt. You'll have to read the book about it.

Photo from Cinderella Carriages.

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