Monday, May 18, 2009

Please help yourself

I love to take photo of good food when I am on holiday. This is a kind of travel journal for me. How do you record your memorable moments in life?


  1. Nice photo. This is VERY like what I do when I'm on vacation - I have tons of pics of the views, the buildings, the food, and my room....and almost none of people.

    Elle Parker

  2. Now that is some interesting food! I don't seem to take pictures of food. I do take pictures of the people or the scenery, though.

    Straight From Hel

  3. Love this! I always take pictures of interesting food presented well. Especially desserts! I do like interesting photos of people, too. And architecture.

    Karen Walker

  4. Yes, Elle, I seldom take photos of myself but will take all the yummy food. Like you Karen, I love desserts too. Helen, that photo was taken in Renggeburg in Germany. I was the one having the potato with egg and meat in a pan.

  5. My maxim: THere is no such thing as bad food. THis goes, triple for cookies.

  6. MMmmm! Now I'm hungry -- time to head home.

  7. On my last trip to Italy, my editor and I got lost in a maze of small streets trying to find a popular pizza ristorante. When we did find the restaurant, I not only took pictures of the pizza but I shot video, too...


  8. Hi Galen, I love cookies too. Jina, is the chef hot and spicy too?


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