Friday, May 15, 2009

Let me take your measurement

On the final day of drabble week, I present you the last one. Hope it measures up.

The reader selected the words “speed dating”.
I provided a bit of explanation at the end for readers from other parts of the world who don't know what speed dating is.

Let me take your measurement - 212 words

William was bored to death at a speed dating function Charles dragged him to.*

After spending eight minutes each chatting to several insipid plastic women, William at last came face-to-face with a petite dark hair woman named Elizabeth. Her glittering eyes caught his attention first, followed by her gorgeous bosom.

“Tell me, William, what do you normally put under your pillow?”


“Ah, then you sleep in the nude.” Elizabeth flashed her eyes from his torso, down the abdomen to his thighs. He felt heat rising up in his body.

Hearing no response from him, she continued the pre-set question provided by the organiser, “What have you got in your car boot at the moment?”

“Uhm, you wouldn’t want to know.” He said.

“As long as it’s not your ex-wife.” * She continued with the scripted conversation.

William shook his head and said, “I have never been married. But my job is a bit peculiar.”


“I have a whole box of vibrators in the boot.”

Elizabeth’s eyes widened.

He moved near her and whispered into her ear, “I’m an industrial engineer. I design vibrators for lonely women.”

Face turning bright red, she asked, “Can you design one especially for me?”

“I’ll have to do some measurements with you in private then.”

The End

* Speed dating usually holds a function at a corner of a bar, restaurant or hotel. For example, ten single men will chat with 10 single women for eight minutes each, asking each other some questions provided by the organizer or made up by themselves. After the function, you can pick the person(s) you want to meet again and if they pick you too, there is a match. The organiser will give you the contact detail of the person. * This answer was provided by a speed dating site in Australia.


  1. Healthy, very much not lonely women have vibrators. They're not for sad, lonely women alone. Many couples use them together as well -- very pleasurable for the woman without wearing out the man, and lesbian couples employ them for a variety of effects. Do a little research -- you'll be surprised at what you find.

  2. Haha KA, thanks for the comment. It's from the mouth of William, the designer. I had developed it into a longer story so he stood corrected about his misconception of the product.

  3. William must be the envy of his friends...

    Btw, the steam-powered massager or vibrator was patented by a forward-thinking American doctor in 1869 and followed several years later by a portable battery-operated vibrator invented by a British physician.


  4. Wow, Jina, where did you come up with this kind of information?

  5. That's an interesting post. Thanks for sharing :)


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