Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fugitive from bedlam? - Drabble for Helen

Here is Helen's drabble. She chose the word avionics, unbeta'd, 185 words, happy reading!

“What happens, Charles?” William asked as the Voyager shook violently.

“The avionics seems to have gone haywire.” Charles said. “Damn, we are free falling!”

They buckled up immediately and braced for the inevitable.

Bang! Bang!

Loud explosion was heard and a split second later, the mini-shuttle crashed. William’s last conscious thought was he was going to die, never seeing his lovely sister again.


The tender voice of a woman woke him. His eyes opened slowly. Blue sky, green trees, yellow wildflowers and … a pretty woman, in ancient Earth costume.

“Are you well, sir?” She asked.

He raised his head, checked his pocket and took out the pen-size mini.

“Do you work in the theatre, sir?” She asked again, staring at his gadget.

He typed in some words and let the computer translate them into earthly language. “May 16, Year 3018, Martian Captain William’s shuttle crashed on earth. I request the co-ordinate of this location to initiate search and rescue.”

The woman jumped away from him on hearing the voice from the mini. “Year 3018! But it is 1811. Are you fugitive from bedlam?”


  1. Again, very clever. It takes real talent to package a unified whole into so short a space. It takes me 50 pages just to get through the intro. Good work as always, Galen.

  2. This is so interesting, Enid. Great topic. And I love the word "Drabble."

  3. Very succinct and snappy and gets your attention. Makes you want to know more.

    This a super idea and fun for readers to check out everyday.



  4. Drabbles are fun. Where did you get the idea to do this? You must have a very active imagination (which is a pretty good thing for a writer to have).


  5. Thanks ladies, Pat, you mean to do drabble? It is a regular feature in the forums I frequented. I love doing them as it is very challenging.

  6. Most intriguing - I love the part about the gadget and the bedlam reference. I'll be back!

  7. Enid! How wonderful. I love this story and I want to know more. Thank you for drabbling (is that a verb?) Avionics.

    Straight From Hel

  8. Thanks Julie and Helen, drabbling is fun and time travel can be crazy.


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