Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fate of the villain

I'm finalising the ending of another story, about angels and demons. I'm debating how to handle the villain. He is a tempting angel who tempts human to commit sins. Here are some possibilities. What do you think? Any suggestion?

1. Kill his mortal shell and send him back to where he comes from
2. Let him enjoy a luxury life on earth and continue his tempting duty
3. Make him suffer on Earth by denying him any temptations


  1. Is this a single title or a series? I could see #1 being for a single, #1 or #3 for a series. Not sure I can see #2 for either.

    Not terribly helpful, am I?


  2. LOL, Helen, no, it didn't help me yet. But I seldom think of writing a series. I love variety, in life (not in men though *wink*)

  3. What if your tempting angel meets someone from his past who tempts him to the breaking point, making him question his job as a tempting angel?


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