Friday, May 22, 2009

Do your country proud - English version

Have fun with the auto-translation? Here is the original version I wrote in English.

William pulled the bottom hem of the kilt an inch down, feeling extremely vulnerable.

“Stop it! You’ll drag down the kilt if you pull it one more time.” Charles said.

“Why did you have to get sentimental and marry in this? I hate to expose my butt when the wind blows.”

“Then the ladies will have two hot butts to admire.”

William rolled his eyes. But when the bridesmaid came into the church, he forgot all about the kilt and the wind. Before him was the gorgeous witty Elizabeth he had secretly admired for over three months. He hoped to get lucky and spend more time with her today.

After the ceremony, he managed to lead her to a secluded part of the garden to chat. Elizabeth tripped and dropped her banquet of flower. She crouched down to pick it. William was ready to bend down to help her when he caught her eyes…ogling him under his kilt!

“Did you see anything interesting?” He winked.

Elizabeth smiled and winked back, “The butt looks promising and the front...”

“Want to check it out?” He joked and then a gust of wind blew. Elizabeth’s eyes widened. His impressive manhood wrapped in the tight black jockey sprung up in an instant. She swallowed and pressed the red-faced Darcy against the hard tree trunk for a thorough checking.

The week after, William told Charles he had done Scotland proud and he might wear the kilt more often, for his Elizabeth’s eyes only.

The End


  1. I seem to remember this as a Jane Austen "what if" -- if so, then you might want to think about changing the language a bit to reflect the period's slang rather than modern vocabulary. It would give it more of an authentic feeling. After all, no one's wearing jockey shorts during the Regency. Just a thought.

  2. KA, it's a modern spin off of JA. So modern language is allowed. So I'll leave William's jockey where it is...Hehe

  3. Lucky girl, your heroine!



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