Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Positive Book Review by San Diego Examiner

by Acquanetta Ferguson, San Diego Examiner

Her story, In Quest of Theta Magic, is futuristic erotica and I have to say that I like the notion of her world building and ideas...

There are regular humans and other humans called Thetas who have magic. The powers the Thetas have are cool powers with names like eagle sight. There is a quest, a legend and a purpose. In between this is a love story between Dean Williams and Elana Bailey, the main hero and heroine. The sex is very sensual and mainly vanilla, with Dean literally flexing his most impressive muscle. Have to say I really, really like that idea!

There is some good action scenes and while set in the future, it is historical in nature. Meaning if you’ve read historical novels, then there is always some rogue or villain attempting to disrupt the happy lives of the main characters. She pulls this off really well.

Press here to read the full review at San Diego Examiner

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