Friday, January 23, 2015

Unimaginative Valentine's Gift, drabble, Regency

The sun shone through the windows. Mr. Darcy blinked his eyes open and observed the lovely picture on the bed by his side. Elizabeth was cradling two-month-old Alexander on her arms. He hated to disturb the harmonious image of Madonna and her child. Quietly he rose and moved to sit on the chair by the bed, thinking about the day ahead.
     It would be St. Valentine’s Day in two weeks’ time. One of the traditions was to write one’s lover a letter, expressing love, admiration, and devotion. However, Darcy was never a man of many words. He pondered what gift he could procure for his wife. Admiring the alluring form of Elizabeth and their adorable son, a sudden inspiration came to his mind. With an energetic leap from the chair, Darcy walked to his desk by the windows and found what he needed.
     As he concentrated on his work for almost half an hour, he did not notice that Elizabeth had woken. 
    “My dear Mr. Darcy, are you always this diligent? Attending to your business correspondence without a stitch of clothes on, how improper!” She arched her eyebrows as she focussed on her husband’s nude body.
     “I am trying to capture Alexander and your likeness, to present the picture to you on St. Valentine’s Day as a gift. Pray, do not disturb my work.” Darcy spoke with a dismissive wave of his hand.
     The arrogant gesture spurred his wife into rash action. Elizabeth left Alexander on the bed and moved swiftly to kneel in front of Mr. Darcy.
     “What are you doing?” His body froze, and his voice shook.
     “I am determined to disturb your work, my arrogant husband!” She lowered her head and licked the heat at the apex of his thighs. Loud groans and moans echoed in the master chambers until Alexander was woken.
     Well, what could we say about Mr. Darcy’s gift for St. Valentine’s Day? He never finished the drawing and bought his wife an unimaginative large diamond necklace instead.

Thanks, Kari for the word "disturb" which inspired this drabble.

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