Monday, January 20, 2014

Tempt me with your kisses

“I meant what are you doing here in Southampton? Did you follow me here? Did you want to tempt me with your kisses and body?”
    Elizabeth blushed bright red. She was fuming that he would think of her like this. “Me? Follow you? You are the one who followed me here. I have had this visit planned since November last year. I heard from your uncle that you came here two weeks early. And you are the one who keeps kissing me every time we meet!”
    “I came here earlier to get away… You begged to be kissed!” Mr. Darcy was red with anger too.
    “You kissed me in Madley Lodge’s library when I felt faint, and then forced your kisses on me at the ball and in your townhouse. I should have believed Mr. Wickham when he said your manner towards women was most dissolute.”
    “Wickham? You took an eager interest in that scoundrel! And what were you doing in my bedchamber if you were not trying to seduce me? Do not tell me I forced my kisses on you! You enjoyed them as much as I did.”
    “We did not discuss you. Wickham just mentioned that he had known you since childhood, but he distanced himself from you because of your womanizing ways. I told you I took a wrong turn when I entered your bedroom.” No way would Elizabeth confess she had spied on his private room, trying to confirm the scene she had seen in the crystal ball, or that she had enjoyed his kisses.
    “Womanizing ways? How can you believe him? He is the one who seduced innocent maids, who went whoring, gambling and drinking in Cambridge. If you need proof, just ask anyone in Warwick Abbey and the neighbouring villages.”
    “I did not believe him until recently until you started kissing me whenever you liked.”
    “I only kissed you because you provoked me. And who was the one who pretended to be a fortune teller? You lied to many people, including my sister.”
    “I am a fortune teller, with a talent you would not understand. Anyway, I do not have to stay here and listen to you.”

You can continue reading in Sketching His Character.

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