Sunday, January 5, 2014

Early Riser - NC17

Time for another free read:

Nurse Elizabeth drew in a deep breath. He’s an arrogant jerk! And his cock was growing, throbbing by her hips, through the cotton fabric of her uniform and panties. His toes were caressing her calf. The bloody man was up, real early. She vowed to smack him on the head, figuratively speaking, or he would treat her like a doormat.

“Stop it, or I’ll sue you!”

Darcy curled his lips and laughed out loud. “It’s just your word against mine. You’re the one who climbed into my bed and took advantage of me the entire night.”

His smug expression infuriated her. She pushed his hand away, kicked towards his groin and jumped from the bed abruptly, ignoring his cries. Serve him right!

“Urgh, are you going to hurt me more, so you can work here longer?” He mumbled.

That provocation didn’t warrant a reply, so she ignored it and walked to the door to put some distance between them. Then, affecting a professional demeanour, she turned to Darcy and said, “Would you like to have breakfast or bath first, Sir?”

Excerpt from The Angel Sees Grey: Pleasure and Punishment for Mr. Darcy.

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