Friday, March 15, 2013

No Cupid Contract

A story teaser by June Williams:

She was ecstatic about her dreams coming true. She said she didn’t care if her family objected to him because, “Ours is nothing but the deepest love.”

He had been away for months, but tonight, he was finally coming home, and she was going to give him the best news ever.

She waited anxiously outside the restaurant where they had first met, looking for his car. It was hard to see a black car in a dark parking lot at night because of the glare of the restaurant marquee and windows.

She paced, her hands in her pockets, fiddling with her phone in case he called. Finally, he drove up and she ran to his side, not even waiting for his car to fully stop.

 “Darling, I’m so glad you’re here!” she cried. “I have the best news. I’ve been keeping it a secret from you so that I can see your face.” She opened her jacket and turned to the side, proudly showing off her pregnant profile. She laughed at his surprised expression, but then her smile faded as he began driving away from her.

“Stop, George, stop!” she called out, running after him.

He accelerated as he headed for the freeway. Then the car screeched as he made a U-turn.

She was hopeful that he was coming back for her.

He stopped only when he felt the car hit something. He got out and stood over her as she writhed in pain, begging for help.

“This is your fault. You’re headstrong as always,” he grumbled.

The ambulance drove her to the hospital. This was the night Stephen Bennet was born, but his father wasn’t waiting there to greet him. In the aftermath of the accident, Lizzy Bennet vowed that Stephen would never be hurt by the man’s absence.

You can continue reading "No Cupid Contract" at Headstrong Girls.

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