Monday, March 19, 2012

Revenge is Sweet?

The gunshot echoed down the alley, the sound bouncing off the brick walls like a rubber ball. Someone heard that; I was certain. My only concern was Hayden getting away-- again. The last time he had eluded me in a busy plaza.

He hunched forward with the impact. His stout arms stuck straight out, his face scrunching so tightly it appeared to be caving in on itself, reminding me of the sinkhole my sister and I lost our beach ball in that sticky, summer evening in eighty-five.

I thought the force would knock him backward. Instead, Hayden’s legs shook like jackhammers. He fell to his knees with a crunch as loud as walnuts cracking. His blood blossomed through the hole in his shirt, spilling forward over his chest, his thighs. The grimy pavement drank it in deeply.

My sister appeared before my eyes. Only there was no brilliant smile, the one she wore like a badge. I saw her the way she looked the day I found her. Mangled. Discarded. Dead. Hayden had taken his time; drawn out his pleasure as if composing a symphony. Revenge had clenched my heart into a tight fist.

I’ll never see her smile again.

Oh dear! So much blood!

The above was written by my guest today, Uzuri M. Wilkerson, author of the upcoming “Sweet” series. I threw down a challenge and asked her to write a 200-word flash fiction with the word "revenge" in it and she came up with the above.

It does get my heart pumping. Below is Uzuri's detail. Do check out her book and website. Happy tasting and reading!

"Revenge", written by Uzuri M. Wilkerson; author of the upcoming “Sweet” series. To learn more about the author or to reserve your signed, copy of her novel, please visit Do you like being bitten and want to read more of the author’s steamy vampy series? Visit her site at

Uzuri graduated from Wellesley College in 2005. There, she studied film with a concentration in screenwriting. After finishing school, she eventually moved back to novels, where she found more freedom for her expression. Sweet came into fruition after a lifetime love affair with the supernatural. It was only a matter of time before she took her own stab at the genre. She currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts.


  1. I came across this a while ago on twitter and decided I'd take a lil morning read. I'm SO glad I did. I loved the flash fiction but I wish you'd give us more about the actual book. The cover is enticing and uh... "steamy". I definitely want to read more. I've never heard of this author but I went to her website and I'm putting her book on my to-read list immediately. Thanks!

    1. I agree with you Sandra... The flash fiction had me curious about the writer. I liked her style so I visited the website and read an excerpt of her novel and got hooked. i can't wait until it comes out. I think I can pre-order it but I want the e-book version so I just bookmarked the publishers blog so I can know when it comes out. Looks like it'll be a great read. Also the #FF reminded me a little of the Level 26 series... I love thrillers and paranormal stuff...

  2. Thanks Sandra and Denise for visiting. Uzuri is great with this short flash. Here is the summary I got from her publisher:

    Witnessing a brutal murder at work is only the beginning of Celia’s problems. The fact that the victim is a vampire only proves to complicate her life even more. The vampires of New England have always had an undetected existence among humans but with the unprovoked death of one of their own, the lust for revenge has begun.

    Celia’s concerns are magnified when a hunter from Dallas arrives in town. With Jay’s sexy smile and rugged ways, Celia finds herself wanting to spend time with him despite being mysteriously linked to the nest that is threatening to become extinct if Jay gets his way.

    When four bodies are found drained of blood; Jay teams up with a local bunch to take out all the undead which coincidentally, includes her boyfriend Victor. Celia won’t stand seeing anything happen to Victor but refuses to hurt Jay as well. Confusion, lust, rage and violence intertwine as worlds collide. Celia will soon discover that her neat little existence is not what it seems as her cryptic past and present start to unravel.

  3. Thank you all so much. I'm really happy that you have enjoyed this piece and my excerpts. I can't wait for you all to read more! You can always get updates through my Facebook page, Google+, and Twitter. :-D And Enid, I know how much you love Colin Firth. Haydon was the name of his character in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I know you didn't particularly enjoy that movie and I haven't seen it myself to tell if Mr. Firth was a bad-ass but I did take a version of his character's name in your honor. Maybe "Haydon" is his good side and "Hayden" of my flash is his evil side...

  4. Haydon is definitely bad in the movie Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy but Colin was great. Good luck with the book launch, Uzuri, and write more. We'd love to read more of your fantasy stories, even though there are a lot of blood! Hehe. BTW, who will you cast for your hero in Sweet? Ryan Gosling?

    1. Ooooo, he would be great! I love how smoldering he is. Yum.


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