Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pride and Prejudice in Italy

This week is recycling week. Here I'm recycling some old posts, this one about Italian Forum in Sydney:

I remember when my BF from Austria first visited me some years ago. He had an image of Sydney just consisting of Opera House and Bondi Beach, then right outside, the outback would be on our doorstep. Of course he's wrong. The outback is nearly six hours away from Sydney. And Sydney has much more to offer than Opera House and Bondi.

Photo from Italian Forum Cultural Centre

I like Italian food so I will take you to the Italian quarter of Sydney today, which is about 15 minutes drive from Sydney CBD. Leichhardt has marvellous food, fast cars and gorgeous men and women.

The hub of Leichhardt is the Italian Forum. When you walk into the piazza, you are transported to an Italian city.

The first time I went there, they had a music festival on. When the dancers were dancing energetically to the fast beat rhythm in the central courtyard, some elderly Italian men and women were looking on from the balconies above.

It seems to be a perfect location for William and Elizabeth to meet and start their romantic journey...


  1. It does indeed sound like the perfect place, not just for them, but all of us who hope to someday make it there.

  2. Welcome, Helen. If you stop by Sydney, I can take you there or to the Blue Mountains. I love Blue Mountains.


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