Monday, January 9, 2012

Commitment issues

It's tennis season in Australia and I've been spending way too much time watching tennis, Hopman Cup, Brisbane International and later Australian Open.

Nowadays, coaches are allowed to come onto the court to give players some pep talk. I find it very interesting. Some players didn't seem to take this very well. The coach kept talking on and on about what kinds of mistakes were committed and the players' eyes were faraway. You can see that they didn't take in any of that.

But some coaches gave very precis advice, like how to play the next two games and asked the players to agree to commit to the tactics. These kind of advice seemed to work better.

I think a mental commitment to a course of action can make or break your endeavour. Perhaps that's what I've to adopt this year. Be committed to two writing competitions a year.

I've written half a script for a competition. It's not yet up to the standard I want but I think I can complete it.

Are you committed to your next goal in life?

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