Monday, May 30, 2011

A Man's Imagination - Drabble, PG

A man’s imagination - unbeta'd, celebrate the new look

Darcy grimaced as he followed Bingley into the noisy Austen Underground. On one wall, there was a huge map of London underground stations; on the other end, hundreds of banana emoticons. People, mainly women, were chatting and dancing.

“This looks rather…seedy,” he commented to Charles at the top of his voice, as the music was very loud. “And the patrons…stroke your banana…what the fuck?”

“Tsk, tsk, so full of cursing,” a woman teasing voice startled Darcy. “perhaps you’re mischievous yourself.”

He turned around and came face-to-face with a petite brunette shaking her head disapprovingly. Blushing bright red, he stuttered. Luckily Bingley came to the rescue.

“Lizzy, the décor looks marvellous! Quirky, I’d say.” He gave the woman a warm hug and a peck on the cheek. “This is Elizabeth Bennet. William Darcy. Don’t mind him. He’s a sorry bull on Sunday, when he’s nothing to do at home and I drag him to places.”

Lizzy scanned Darcy from head to toe, shrugged and then pulled Bingley away. “Come, Jane’s in the basement.”

Darcy wasn’t going to lurk around in a place where he knew no one. He followed the couple immediately. As his eyes settled on the back of the woman, heat surged in his body. The arse of this Lizzy was quite something. Fantasy of spanking, rubbing and licking came to his mind. That was absurd! She wasn’t even wearing trashy tight dress, just a pair of black jeans and emerald green T-shirt which accentuated her figure.

After several twists and turns, they reached a small room. A pretty blonde woman was tidying up some paint brushes. Bingley embraced her warmly. Then in a matter of minutes, he skipped off with her to another room in a rush, without even bothering to introduce this Jane to his friend.

Darcy shifted his weight uncomfortably, not sure what to do as he was left alone with Elizabeth.

“They are hopeless,” she said. “So you find our club…seedy? Is it because of the underground map?”

From the curl of her lips, he realised she knew he was thinking of the other thing on the wall. But he played along. “It’s…practical. What’s it for anyway?”

“Don’t we not need direction, all the time?” She smiled and her eyes twinkled. “So it must be the bananas then.”

“Uhm,” he was lost in her fine eyes, thus not wanting to anger her. “you must have your reasons....”

“It’s a reminder of our desire,” she arched her eyebrows. “I kind of think it’s rather honest.”

“So we should give in to our desire?” Gathering his courage, Darcy said softly, leaning towards her.

“How did you jump to this conclusion?” She leaned backward, keeping her distance.

“You mentioned about honesty,” he gazed at her. “I was, I’m actually, thinking, having desire…about you.”

“Wow, did you come on to every woman, so quickly?”

He thought for a while, with an inexplicable thrill through his body. “No. You’re the first one, for years. And before you ask, my intention is honourable. I’m not the love them and leave them type.”

“Well, don’t make any promise until you meet my mom and younger sisters,” she traced her finger along the lapel of his jacket and walked away. Then stopping at the door, she added, “and my parishioners.”

Darcy’s mouth hanged open. Did I just preposition to a clergywoman? “I’m not in…a night club?”

Elizabeth burst out laughing. “Bingley didn’t tell you? You’re in our social club. I’m still single and available” She winked and walked back up.

What did Darcy do? He chased after her.

Any surprise?


  1. Whoo Hoo! that's a switch I did not see coming! But I like it.

  2. The whole thing was a surprise. Definitely a twist on the original!

  3. Thanks A and Helen, I love surprises.


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