Saturday, November 6, 2010

Stephen Fry and language

I was talking about the fact that some people seem to be guardians of English language with a friend and she sent me this. Don't look at the type. It will make you dizzy. But I agree with Stephen Fry, if I get all his meaning. I think language should be a mean of communication, not a jewel to be put on a pedestal.

I encourage anyone to write, no matter in what language. If your stories are fulfilling, you should tell them, even if you do not have a complete mastery of the language, because your stories may touch many hearts.


  1. I think you can see a shift in what is considered literature in the way people today buy books. More and more people are buying ebooks that have not been vetted by a publisher. They're looking for a book that speaks to them and that may not mean the language that an editor deems literary.

  2. Yes, some people will scream murder.


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