Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Snare or Share

This time the writing challenge is "announcement". Happy reading!


I am exiscited to announce the marriages of my andgel Jane and myself on the eighteenth day of January. Weeding on the same day withatus the gardter of Longbourne are her sister Elizabaeth of with andwith Mr. Darcy. Come at ounce. I wish you to snhare my joy.


“What is it Caroline?” Lousia asked. Miss Bingley handed her the letter.

“It is an announcement from Charles. He has set the date. Hateful business!”

“You have to reconcile to that.”

“I vowed not to set foot in Hertfordshire again.”

“What was this about weeding with the garter?”

“I have not a clue. Perhaps Miss Eliza’s garter is of such a bad quality that it could only be used for weeding.” Caroline said with a snide smirk. “Charles’s writing is so bad. He only learned to ‘snare’ the joy in Cambridge.”

“But Mr. Darcy’s name was right afterwards,” Louisa murmured.

“If Miss Eliza dares to show her garter to seduce Mr. Darcy, I shall tear her hair out!” Caroline vowed.

It was misfortunate that Miss Bingley and her sister only arrived at Netherfield on the 18th of January, ten days after Mr and Mrs. Bingley and Mr. and Mrs. Darcy were married.

Have you got some examples of misreading?

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