Tuesday, February 2, 2010

From photo to story

This week is photo week. Here is first one. What kind of story can you cook up from this photo?


  1. How about a "What If ..... " scenario. What if a down-on-his-luck homeless yet somehwat educated guy stumbled upon a device accidently left behind by a superior civilization studying our planet and cultures.

    He' smart enough to understand this is something very special and unique, but doesn't make the connection that it must originate from a race far more intelligent than ourselves.

    They come back looking for it. He must know if this device is meant for good or can be used to harm humanity. He meets lots of people and goes through wild and crazy events along the way, eventually discovering things about himself.

    When the alien race catches up to him, they demonstarte the machine can do miraculous things ike feed masses of starving people or heal diseases. However, he has to overcome his own shortcomings and failures as a seemingly benign race is actually here to destroy us. Or eat us. Or enslave us.

    Stephen Tremp

  2. Wow, Stephen, very interesting. So you're more interested in science fiction?


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