Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where did the i-pill come from?

Since the publication of Bargain with the Devil, the sales of my first book In Quest of Theta Magic also increases.

I didn’t do a book tour for Theta. But maybe I should try to blog more about it here.

Theta is a futuristic romance. I can write whatever I like, without reference to historical or scientific accuracy. One of the most outrageous plot devices I had in In Quest of Theta Magic was the i-pill.

I won’t tell you what the i-pill is but when I first published the story in serialized format, readers were commenting hotly about this i-pill and what it could do to women. One writer even used it in her short story.

As to how I came up with the idea of this i-pill? I’m a very impatient author and reader. I think I invented it to hasten the story.


  1. Hi, Enid, long time, no see. Congratulations on breaking into the top 50 at number 44. When you consider the number of books available, that’s quite the accomplishment. Very good job.

    As to the i-pill…got one of those for men? Or, would I actually NOT want one. You know the old bromide, “Be careful what you ask for as it may come true!”

    Best Regards, Galen

    Imagineering Fiction Blog

  2. I LOVED In Quest of Theta Magic and wish there was more to read with these characters :)

  3. Galen, thanks. Yes, you wouldn't want that i-pill, it won't do you any good. Monie, thanks for commenting. I am working on some flying objects now, but not Theta.

  4. This is so great! Hey, whatever helps sales, right??

  5. Definitely, Alex. Like Karen's motto, one book at a time.


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