Monday, July 6, 2009

Naughty P&P book tour

An updated version of my blog book tour schedule:

Naughty Pride and Prejudice Virtual Book Tour


9 August, Reading with Monie (Texas, USA), Why am I angry with Elizabeth? - diary entries by Mr. Darcy

10 August, Romance Junkies (Arizona, USA), Ancient Master Chef (recipes of food from my stories)

13 August, Romance Conference by International Association for the Study of Popular Romance (Brisbane, Australia), Is Modern Fan Fiction Killing Classical Romances?

14 - 20 August, giveaways at Jane Austen Today, you have to come up with a Darcy and Elizabeth theme song

16 August, The Old Silly's Free Spirit Blog (Michigan, USA), Famous Wilsons and Buddhist influence on my writing

18 August, Giveaways at Goodreads ends, you need to be a member and Goodreads select the winner, I think based on how often you comment etc.

21 August, From Moonlight to Twilight, Mr. Darcy, a virgin?

27 August, Straight From Hel (Texas, USA), In search of steamy Mr. Darcy - book cover design

8 September, Wendi's Book Corner (WA, USA), topic to be confirmed

9 September, Night Owl Romance (Internet universe), Pre-marital sex in Regency

20 September (Sunday), 2 pm USA west coast time for 1.5 hours, Twitter Chat Party about our love for Mr. Darcy

Hosted by Acquanetta Ferguson, popular San Diego Examiner (2 pm Sunday California time, i.e. 5 pm Sunday New York time, Monday 7 pm Sydney time and 6 pm Tokyo time - I hope I'm correct).

You have to follow Acquanetta (nettagyrl) at twitter beforehand to win the gifts and type #steamydarcy when you chat.

I will have heaps of gifts from Sydney, France, Italy and Austria to give out at the Party.

And I have got some gifts for you. Please check out the respective tour hosts above nearer the time to see which of them are giving out which gifts.


  1. Good line up so far, Enid. Looking forward to your stop here in Michigan! :)

    The Old Silly Famous Wilson

  2. Good for you! Hope you share the results of the tour here.

  3. Best wishes for success. Sounds like a lot of work. I'll be following the tour. I'm confidnet you'll do just fine.

    Stephen Tremp
    Breakthrough Blogs

  4. Thanks Helen and Marvin. I hope we will have a ball! Alexis, let's see if the result is positive. Stephen, I'm dragging my feet to start the first artiicle.


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