Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dirty for men

There is a new body spray that's meant to mask body odour. Sort of a Febreze for the furry bits. It is described as an alternative to deodorant, to be sprayed under the arms ''for a freshen up instead of using the odd squirt of cologne''. The range is from Lush and it's called Dirty and it's out in September. Interestingly, it is for men.

To be fair, it does not seem to be wholly designed for dirty people. According to the media release, the concept is to layer various products (including shower gel, shaving cream and hair cream) with different fragrances to make a ''complete'' and combined manly fragrance called Dirty. But to be realistic, would any man use every product in a range every day? Let alone a man who ''can't be bothered with too much paraphernalia in the mornings''?

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