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Mischief on New Year's Eve - NC17, Regency

I wish all of you a Happy New Year and a great 2011! Here is a quickie I've written for Austen Underground. Happy reading! Thanks for all your support throughout the years.


New Year Fireworks - unbeta'd, NC-17, Regency

Mr. Darcy was not happy.

When the Master was angry, the servants in Pemberley avoided him. When her brother was furious, Miss Darcy stayed away from his presence in her bed chamber. When her husband was fuming, Mrs. Darcy ignored him.

Why was Mr. Darcy so annoyed?

Mrs. Darcy had decided to continue with the preparation of the New Year’s Ball, instead of resting. Mr. Darcy thought Elizabeth should cancel the ball and stay in bed for the rest of the day, for she had fainted during the busy preparation in the morning.

Now Mr. Darcy was circulating in the ballroom, scowling at every guest, staring at every Duke, Lord and gentlemen who dared to ask his wife for a dance.

“Let us do it,” General Richard Fitzwilliam whispered to his friend.

“He will kill us tomorrow,” Charles Bingley shook his head.

“Mrs. Darcy would smooth his temper,” Richard grinned. He briskly walked to his cousin, with Bingley following. “Come, Darcy, we go and play cards.”

Mr. Darcy shook his head. “I need to watch over Elizabeth.”

Richard elbowed Bingley who said reluctantly. “Jane said she would take care of her. Come, my wife will never let you down.”

Bingley joined in with the General and pulled Darcy away from the ball.

After several rounds of card games and bottles of whisky, Mr. Darcy was happy again.

“Love you, Lizzy,” He was singing, non-stop, all the way to his chamber. Not that he could walk. He was carried by Richard and Bingley.

When Darcy slumped on the bed, hugging a pillow and wanting to sleep, he felt a cold breeze on his bottom.

“Cold, Lizzy, hug me.”

“You shall have it soon,” Bingley murmured. While Richard took out a paint brush he got from the servant earlier and worked on Darcy as quickly as he could. Bingley had his back on the door, preventing anyone from entering in.

After several minutes, General Fitzwilliam said, “Done!”

“Go!” Bingley was eager to go. He did not want to face Darcy when he woke up.

Once the two men were outside, Bingley was sent to call Mrs. Darcy up under some pretext. Mr. Darcy was not feeling well and required her assistance. Richard hid around a corner, until he saw Mrs. Darcy entered the room.

Elizabeth entered the chamber. From the bright moonlight, she could see that her husband was sleeping face down, his breeches were pulled down, exposing his white bottom.

“Oh my goodness!” She exclaimed. When she drew near, with the help of a single candle light still burning, she could see that his strong masculine buttocks were adorned with some colourful drawing. “Why Mr. Darcy! You have fireworks on your bottom.”

“Silly Lizzy! How can I have fireworks on my bottom, when I do not feel any heat?”

“Some one painted fireworks ON your buttocks.”

“Silly Lizzy, no one dares to do such a thing to the Master of Pemberley. Now no more dancing with any dukes. I am glad the ball is over and you are safely resting.” He pulled her down to lie besides him.

“But the ball is not yet finished.”

“Then why are we up here?”

“Charles said you were unwell and required my assistance.”

“I am very well,” he murmured as he rained kisses on her face and neck. His hands rubbed her full breasts through her silk gown. “Now that I can make love to my lovely Lizzy.”

“Hmh,” she moaned. “Fitzwilliam, there is a roomful of guests downstairs. We should not be doing this.”

“It is the eve of a new year, the guests shall leave before midnight.”

He hiked up her dress and slid his fingers along her folds. Mrs. Darcy forgot any further protest.

Her screams echoed the first sound of real fireworks outside the windows. The guests did not leave. While they were treated to an unforgettable display of colours in the cold winter night, the master and mistress of  Pemberley enjoyed a steamy private spectacular of their own making.

What happened the next morning? Despite a sore head, Mr. Darcy was grinning to everyone. Not only did he enjoy the fierce rubbing by Mrs. Darcy for over an hour, to remove the fireworks on his buttocks, he learned about the reason of her fainting. He forgave Richard and Bingley graciously, as any soon-to-be father would have behaved.


What do you think? Was Richard and Bingley let off too lightly?

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