Friday, November 18, 2011

IKEA Avsugning - NC17, NB

Thanks to In Bed with Married Women, I've this plot bunny for quite sometimes. Last week, a new IKEA opens in Sydney and a friend said her birthday present was to treat herself to a visit to IKEA, so I've finished off the NB and posted it in my website.

“So she’s a country pumpkin hitting London for a sex and the city experience?” Darcy frowned and asked his cousin. “Is she looking for a blowjob in IKEA right now?”

Richard’s eyes widened and tilted his head to the right. Darcy turned and saw a voluptuous brunette with long curly hair standing by Charlotte’s side. The brunette’s green eyes were sending him daggers. She wore a soft floral shirt and a pair of old jeans, very country and different from the woman Darcy usually knew.

Richard stood up, gave the brunette a kiss on the cheek and said, “Did you have a good day? Did you buy anything?”

“Very well, very well. I’ve spent the last of my contingency fund on my must have furniture. But I haven’t met a Mr. Big, in IKEA yet.” She formed her mouth in an O, licked her lips and gave Darcy a once over, from head to toe. He had stood up at the same time as Richard, flustered at being discovered by making such a rude remark.

The usually sociable Richard Fitzwilliam didn’t know how to diffuse the awkward moment so he wrapped his arms around his wife, Charlotte, and gave her a squeeze.

Charlotte took the hint and started the introduction. “Lizzy, this is Richard’s cousin Fitzwilliam Darcy. Darcy, this is my best friend from Meryton, Elizabeth Bennet.”

Darcy extended his shaky hand to the pretty woman but she had a different idea. She stood on toe tip, appearing to be kissing his cheek, the same way she just did in greeting Richard. But the look was deceptive. She brushed past Darcy’s cheek and suckled his right earlobe without the other two seeing, since they stood by her other side. She whispered, “I’m looking forward to having sex with some BIG city hot shots.”

Darcy’s jaw dropped. He broken out in sweat as his body temperature shot up and he was suddenly throbbed with needs. His CEO Armani suit felt extremely tight.

Press here to continue reading. This is strictly for adult only, unbeta'd.

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